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BDA launches ‘Better with Brick’ campaign, celebrating clay brick as the ultimate modern building material


We're celebrating the benefits of clay brick and we want you to join us. The ‘Better with Brick’ campaign showcases clay brick as a viable long-term investment, emphasises its local availability, and its lower carbon footprint compared to alternative building materials. In the process, we hope to make you fall in love with clay brick, an historic and reliable building material that maintains ever-lasting appeal for housebuilders, architects and homeowners alike.

Covering topics that verify clay brick’s vital role in fulfilling our current and future building needs, ‘Better with Brick’ is a chance to discover fascinating insights into this tried, trusted and beloved building material. Clay brick’s strength, reliability, design-friendly qualities and limitless kerb appeal are among its renowned beneficial traits, but what about its sustainable value aside from its inbuilt long-term weather resistance? Clay brick’s low carbon footprint has an essential part to play in achieving net zero, and the Better with Brick campaign explains how this can be achieved.

Packed with facts, stats and expert analysis, Better with Brick proves there is more to clay brick than meets the eye. For instance, have you ever considered how clay brick could be pivotal to decarbonising construction? Also, did you know that clay brick’s non-combustible performance is hallmarked by its A1 fire-rating? Of further intrigue is our explanation of the Brick Makers Quality Charter (BQC). This is covered within a series of expert monthly blogs and reveals how the BQC manages its credibility in respect of clay bricks.

Stay tuned to our social platforms too, where we will hear from brick manufacturers, architects and more on why clay brick is their favourite brick ADD LINK TO SOCIAL. But our multi-platform campaign doesn’t end there. So, lookout for our launch video [insert YT link] and be sure to keep up-to-date with further interviews and videos that we post there over the coming weeks and months.

Comprehensive and compelling, ‘Better with Brick’ sheds fascinating new light on a heritage material this is never out of fashion. So, if you thought you knew all there is to know about clay brick, a classic building material that remains so intrinsic to Britain’s architectural landscape, then ‘Better with Brick’ may give you cause to think again.

Discover more about the benefits of clay brick, and BDA’s Better with Brick campaign here: