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Design Considerations

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Clay Brick: Timeless Elegance, Modern Performance.

Brick has played an important role in creating the architectural style of many towns and cities across the UK. This tried-and-tested building material offers limitless kerb appeal and has a multitude of aesthetic qualities. With over 2,500 different clay brick products made in the UK, offering varied surface textures and a rich diversity of colours, they can be used almost anywhere and for any architectural style.

Brick buildings are truly versatile and flexible, an easily adaptable form of construction throughout the build process and a building’s entire lifespan.

Clay brick is an inherently tactile, natural and non-toxic product and because it weathers well, buildings can become more attractive with age. This means that a brick building retains its value for multiple periods of ownership.

The continuous development of production technologies ensures every clay brick has consistent colour, dimensional accuracy and high product quality. This results in undeniable visual interest from generation to generation.

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Staffordshire Blue Clay bricks provide a distinctive and idiosyncratic facade for The Interlock, a five-storey mixed-use building designed by architect Bureau de Change for developer HGG London.

207 Red House Exterior Elevation Max Creasy

Red House

The Red House, a contemporary new home in rural Dorset, designed by David Kohn Architects, was named RIBA House of the Year in 2022. The jury observed how “the house’s playful eccentricity, including oversized eaves, patterned red brickwork, and contrasting bold green details, jumps out - but this is consistently underpinned by outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail.”

1 radley college craftsmanship dsc03316f 1

Radley College Chapel Extension, Oxfordshire

Radley College, a private school in Oxfordshire, required a sympathetic extension to their school chapel. Purcell Architect’s Oxford studio designed a series of localised extensions. Central to the design was the introduction of a glorious new octagonal Sanctuary at the east end of the Chapel.

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