The Brickmakers
Quality Charter

The Brickmakers Quality Charter (BQC) makes it easy for the design and build community to source clay bricks and building products that are made responsibly.

Any clay brick manufacturer may apply to join the BQC. To be accepted, companies must demonstrate their compliance with a range of internationally recognised standards.

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The charter

The use of the BQC Logo, provides architects, designers, merchants, specifiers and procurement teams with a valuable ‘short cut’ to identifying responsible clay brick manufacturers. It promotes responsible manufacturing and sustainable supply chains, helping to safeguard the UK’s construction sector from sub-standard products and practices.

BQC members are strictly assessed against 8 critical standards.

  • Business Quality Management ISO 9001
  • Responsible Sourcing BES 6001
  • Energy Management System ISO 50001
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001
  • Health & Safety Management ISO 45001 or OHSAS 18001 or the BCC H&S Pledge
  • Employment Practice System that meets the brickmaker’s National Standard
  • Anti-Modern Slavery Policy and Procedures that meets the brickmaker’s National Standard
  • CPR Compliance CE Mark or UKCA/UKNI Mark to EN771-1

Levels of recognition

Specifically, manufacturers need to evidence their credentials in at least 6 of the following Critical Assessment Points (CAP) categories, two of which must include compliance with an approved Anti-Modern Slavery Policy & Procedure (CAP 7) and CPR compliance in all clay brick products (CAP 8):

2 stars
Provide evidence against 6 or 7 CAPs
3 stars
Provide evidence against all 8 CAPs

Who can apply

Any clay brick manufacturer who can evidence 4 or more of these CAPs can apply to join the Brickmakers Quality Charter and potentially display the BQC logo on their livery, marketing collateral and products.

For clarity, a business can only be deemed a manufacturer if it owns its own manufacturing facilities.

Whilst our primary focus in on clay brickmakers, those firms who also make clay tiles or pavers may also apply for the charter by submitting the required information above, but instead of submitting product declarations for clay bricks, substituting them for clay tiles or pavers. The application process will take you through this.

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