Professional Development

If you need advice or support to work with clay brick, we’re here to help. From CPD workshops to technical consultations and skills training events, our services are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to access the information you need.

E-mail our technical team for a discussion

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Helping You

We regularly conduct CPD workshops for architectural practices, engineering firms and educational establishments. Our inhouse Technical team are happy to discuss your requirements and a format that meets your needs.

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Preparing the
future workforce

Alongside our members’ investment in training the next generation of brick manufacturing personnel, we actively support the training of those entering the bricklaying trade. Members continue to supply hundreds of thousands of bricks to ensure colleges have high quality components for students to practice with, as well as promoting entry to the trade through sponsorship of skills competitions.

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The Industry

We work closely with a wide range of industry partners to ensure a comprehensive, holistic approach to training and development. To see who we work with, visit the Industry Links page.