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20 Grosvenor Square, London

By chris
20 grosvenor square

Twenty Grosvenor Square, the world’s first standalone Four Seasons Residence, is London’s finest address. Located on one of the world’s grandest garden squares, it is a home of historical significance, comprising thirty-seven private residences. Quality, in both use of craftmanship and the type of clay brick used, is a premium in central London where this project is located.

And so, Twenty Grosvenor Square has been masterfully designed and built to combine exceptional elegance with legendary Four Seasons service, to create the ultimate lifestyle experience. It is a modern building, using modern techniques producing a traditional look and feel in line with the local vernacular.

Clay brick is the prime building material on the 300-year-old Grosvenor Square itself, and a brick match was developed to both enhance and seamlessly blend in with the historical tradition of Grosvenor Square. The bricks were specially made by Ibstock at their Swanage factory known for its high-quality handmade brick making.

To match the original building and the square a black flash was put onto about 10-15% of bricks by an external Brick Specialist, EH Smith Architectural Solutions, in co-ordination with the brickwork contractor prior to delivery on site. The brickwork contractor, Lyons and Annoot, was responsible for the design, materials and highly skilled labour carrying out the brickwork, stonework and blockwork on the project.

With the retention of some of the original external brick and stonework, and the blend of new brickwork and stone into this building, it is a truly wonderful example of how both traditional and modern brick working techniques can blend into what is a totally upgraded, eco-friendly and carbon efficient modern building, that will last more than its design life of 150 years and remain an asset to the continuing re-development of Grosvenor Square itself.

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