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Burton Borough School, Newport

By chris
Burton borough school mechslip

The Burton Borough School development is a brand-new sports hall for Burton Borough School in Newport near Telford. Durability, safety and aesthetics needed to work together for the Burton Borough School project.  The client (Telford and Wrekin Council) and the building’s designer, TACP Architects, wanted a highly attractive facade solution which is also safe, durable and which makes a statement with its appearance.

As this building will be used primarily by schoolchildren, it was especially important that it was built using a durable solution which can stand up not only against the usual British weather conditions but is fully non-combustible.  

And so, it was decided to use a more modern method of construction (MMC) for the façade with an A1 compliant ‘brick-slip’ system being the system of choice for TACP Architects. The system is made by Ibstock under their ‘MechSlip’ brand.

With a projecting header pattern on the front elevation of the building, made by alternating between half bricks and full bricks, the sports hall creates a fascinating and truly eye-catching impression. The advantages of using a brick slip system were reduced installation times and associated costs.

This MMC system works with slip-cutting technology that allows the majority of stock and wire cut bricks to be mechanically fixed into horizontal rails at flexible heights, making the entire design and installation process simple. Pointing and finishing is then complete once the slips are installed.

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