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Manor Street, Lincolnshire, UK

By chris
Forterra 5234

Located on Manor Street in the heart of the village of Ruskington, Lincolnshire, is a newly constructed five-bedroomed dwelling, on land originally belonging to the nearby Grade 2 listed Manor House.

The Manor House is constructed out of local limestone, however, the village is not heavily steeped in history or architectural merit and has seen an increase in housing, both singular and estate developments over recent years. It was important, therefore, to take a sensitive approach to the surroundings when selecting the main facing materials of the new building. Working closely with local authority planners, the client and architect chose Forterra’s Victorian Mixture, which successfully enhances the colours of the local limestone while also helping the new building to blend with other properties nearby.

Brick detailing was kept simple and sharp, letting the different hues of Victorian Mixture take centre stage.

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