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Golden Gate, County Antrim

By George Spreckley
Golden Gate05

The project at 'Golden Gate' Greenisland, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, began in 2015 and consists of a total of 60 houses, each of varying size and value.

The development is split into four areas; 'Downview Road', 'Avondale', 'Goldenview Park' and 'The Cairn'. Each area has its own distinctive look, with one unique brick type pulling all of these areas together, like a glue.

That brick type is the 'Millhouse'. The Millhouse was developed as a collaboration project between Brick & Stone and Northcot Brick.

The story of this brick first began when Brick and Stone was approached by a client who was determined to find a brick that replicated the look and feel of the old orange/red multi, synonymous with Belfast and Northern Ireland in general.

The quality aesthetic required could not be found within the existing industry, so they decided to take a different approach. Reaching out to his good friend and colleague, Dale Moss of Northcot Brick, with the idea of creating a brick outside their standard range to replicate the heritage and aesthetic of 'Victorian' Belfast and the existing dwellings in the area. After some trials and tribulations, the Millhouse was born.

The Millhouse brick is a striking blend of orange and red tones, which has been prematurely 'aged' in the production process to give the brick a tumbled texture that creates a stunning and powerful impact across this project and several others that have since used the brick.

The scheme comprises of various house types, each for varying needs, from two-bedroom single-storey homes and three-bedroom semi-detached to larger five-bedroom detached homes. All houses are variations of different house types, so no two builds are the same, but each home incorporates the same Northcot brick.

The 'Golden Gate' project was challenging as it had to be integrated into an established residential area. The developer, Roger Kane of Island Homes, was committed to respecting, complementing, and enhancing the area and the existing properties. The Millhouse was the perfect fit for the Golden Gate for this very reason and gave the development that striking look whilst fitting seamlessly into its surroundings.

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