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Globe Point, Leeds

By George Spreckley
FL MM First Quality Temple Point Leeds 2022 Beccy 2

Globe Point is a six-story office building located in Leeds and was designed by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios The building is situated in a prominent location, with easy access to the nearby city centre and railway station.

Globe Point is an impressive example of sustainable architecture, with its handmade brickwork, energy-efficient features, and community-focused design. The building is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible, serving as a model for sustainable construction practices. Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios has demonstrated that it is possible to create a beautiful, functional building that is also sustainable and respectful of the local community and environment.

Globe Point makes exemplary use of its brickwork. The building's facade is constructed with Freshfield Lane's First Quality Multi bricks, which were chosen for their warm, earthy feel and timelessly authentic stock sand faced texture, as well as their sustainability. The bricks were made using traditional methods, with clay sourced from the Michelmersh factory in Somerset. The bricks were also chosen for their thermal properties, which help to regulate the building's temperature and reduce energy consumption.

Sustainability was a key consideration throughout the design and construction of Globe Point. The building was designed to be highly energy-efficient with an EPC A rating. The building's carbon footprint is reduced through measures such as water efficient fittings, including low-energy lighting, high-efficiency boilers, carbon dioxide sensors which adjust the airflow as required, to help maximise air quality and optimise energy efficiency. A building management system is also in place to monitor and control energy usage and no fossil fuels are used on site leading to a 27% lower rate of energy consumption when compared to an average building. All materials were specifically selected to be responsibly sourced. These measures have earnt the project a BREEAM excellent rating.

In addition to its sustainable features, Globe Point was also designed with the local community in mind. The building's ground floor includes a cafe and community space, which is open to the public and provides a place for people to meet and socialise. The building's location also helps to promote sustainable transportation, with easy access to public transit and bike storage facilities.

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