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Member CPDs

Here you will find a comprehensive listing of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities offered by Brick Development Association members.

Browse the CPD listings below to find the perfect course to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Forterra SQU Website

CPDs by Forterra

- Building Safety Act

- Material Specification And Workmanship

- Movement In Masonry

- Part L

- SureBrick

For more information or to book with Forterra, please click here.

Ibstock SQU Website

CPDs by Ibstock

- Achieving Quality Brickwork

- An Insight Into Facade Systems For The 21st Century

- An Introduction To Brickwork

- Carbon Conscious Design

- Designing For Movement

- Durability Of Brickwork

- Innovations In Brickwork

- MechSlip

- Nexus Brick Slip Soffits

For more information or to book with Ibstock, please click here.

Ketley Brick SQU Website

CPDs by Ketley Brick

- Engineering Bricks - Designing and Creating Durable Brickwork with Engineering Bricks

- Staffordshire Clay Products For Traditional and Contemporary Buildings Covering Bricks, Slips, Pavers And Quarry Tiles

For more information or to book with Ketley Brick, please click here.

Michelmersh SQU Website

CPDs by Michelmersh

- Right Brick, First Time

- Sustainability And Innovation In Clay Brick

For more information or to book with Michelmersh, please click here.

Wienerberger SQU Website

CPDs by Wienerberger

- An Introduction To BIM

- An Introduction To Corium Brick Cladding

- Brick Design And Innovation

- Helping You Meet Your Part L Requirements

- Movement In Brick

- Technical Considerations When Designing With Brick

For more information or to book with Wienerberger, please click here.

York Handmade Brick SQU Website

CPDs by York Handmade

- Handmade Bricks – Manufacturing Tradition for our Modern Built Environment

For more information or to book with York Handmade Brick, please click here.

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