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Troutbeck Housing Development, Blackpool

By George Spreckley
Blsynthesiss09troutbeckblackpool2022 4

Troutbeck housing development is a unique high-quality scheme situated on a key gateway into Blackpool and as such the client brief was to create an iconic design befitting the location. The development consists of 75 new social rent residential units, providing a mix of one, two and three-bed homes and accessible units along with upgraded public open space. The redevelopment was proposed to address the unpopularity of the existing flats and to improve the condition and quality of the accommodation available for social rent in the Borough.

The project uses Blockleys Synthesis S09 (Michelmersh) to great effect by combining the tones with other elements of the project's colourful assets to create a unique visual aesthetic, helping to distinguish the project from other housing developments and entrenching modern design philosophies throughout the units. Blockleys Synthesis S09 Blend is complemented by mixed tiles along the top of the units, and together creates a set of pleasing tones that create an iconic appearance that helps show the area as a point of positive growth and opportunity.

Each housing unit is a social rent residential unit to allow locals to afford improved and higher quality accommodation compared to existing flats within the area. Each property allows for a parking space, and a communal garden space ensures the area is spacious while creating an important shared space. Inside the accommodation, properties take advantage of large open spaces and windows to allow light to illuminate each unit. The project was undertaken with a mind to ensuring running costs are low by using modern, environmentally conscious insulation. In tandem with this, links to the nearby areas are encouraged by excellent public transport links and integration with the local area.

Other objectives included delivering a development that is sustainable in the long term, promoting a strong community by helping existing residents remain in the area and supporting the local economy by maximising the use of locally-based building contractors and local labour and by providing training opportunities to young people in the area, all of which were successfully achieved.

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