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Trent Bridge Quays, Nottingham

By George Spreckley
GJP 8203

Phase 2 of Trent Bridge Quays represents a significant step in the revitalisation of Nottingham’s historic waterfront area along the River Trent.

Following the successful completion of Phase 1, which focused on creating contemporary residential spaces and commercial units, this next exciting phase of the project is creating a further 58 new residencies. These comprise of three and four bedroom townhouses, as well as one, two and three bedroom apartments, with balconies and terraces offering stunning views of the river. Every new home also has access to the development’s modern riverside promenade, which creates a vibrant community hub and takes advantage of its privileged position at the water’s edge.

Through innovative design, sustainable practices and community-focused planning, this landmark project is creating a dynamic and attractive urban environment that integrates contemporary modern living with the natural beauty of the riverside.

Designed by BPN Architects, the vision for Trent Bridge Quays was to draw on the character of the local industrial and historical architecture, with its heritage inspiring the creative design of the development.

This has been achieved by harmonising contemporary elements against the backdrop of the areas’s industrial heritage. Brick, glass and metal are used in a balanced composition to reflect modernity and historical context, with ultra-modern townhouses and apartments being composed in a palette of classic materials, utilising Ibstock’s Ivanhoe Antique and Tenebris bricks to outstanding effects.

Ivanhoe Antique bricks combine red and brown tones, with occasional black and white speckling that gives them a distinctive and aged look. Renowned for their rustic, weathered appearance, which mimics the look of reclaimed bricks, the use of Ivanhoe Antique gives the development an instant sense of history and character.

Crafted to offer the character of older bricks but with the reliability and performance of modern manufacturing, Ivanhoe Antique complement the industrial surroundings of this stretch of the River Trent effortlessly, blending seamlessly with the architectural style of the area.

To add a striking contrast to the Ivanhoe Antique bricks and also some of the lighter aspects of the design like glass and metal, Ibstock’s Tenebris bricks were specified for this project for their ability to create impactful and contemporary structures.

An aesthetical striking and bold choice for modern architectural projects, Tenebris bricks provide a deep and rich tone that really stands out in an urban environment.

Environmental sustainability is another core aspect of the project, which, in addition to the use of Ibstock’s bricks, includes energy-efficient building systems, green roofs and other sustainable materials incorporated to reduce the ecological footprint. The landscaping and green spaces have also been designed to promote biodiversity, whilst also creating recreational space for residents and visitors with pedestrian friendly walkways, cycle paths and open areas that encourage community interaction, engagement and outdoor activities.

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