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Lee Marley

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Project 1: Acklam Road

Location: London

Brick Manufacturers: Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC / Ibstock PLC / Forterra PLC

Brick Names: Selected Light / New Diana / Dark Moroccan

Architect: HNW Architects

Project 2: Oval Village

Location: London

Brick Manufacturers: Ibstock PLC / Wienerberger Limited

Brick Names: Burgundy Glazed & White Glazed / Forum White & Thorn

Architect: Grid Architects

About the project

Lee Marley Brickwork (LMB) is a large scale is a large-scale brickwork, stonework and scaffolding contractor with operations in Southern England and Scotland.

The success as a business is built on the skill and quality of our people, be it in their trade skills and/or their managerial capabilities. We specialise in what the Building Safety Act (BSA) would describe as high-risk projects, be it due to their size or complexity, for the UK’s leading developers and contractors. Since the advent of the BSA, LMB has seen a significant growth in its customer base as developers/contractors increase the quality and capabilities of their supply-chains. LMB is working on 56 live projects for 21 clients and has seen its turnover rise from £57.5m in 2021 to £79.8m in 2023 – a 39% increase.

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