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Medium Housing Development

240606 Lee Marley 5946

Acklam Road

Location: London

Brick Manufacturers: Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC / Ibstock PLC / Forterra PLC

Brick Names: Selected Light / New Diana / Dark Moroccan

Architect: HNW Architects

Brickwork Contractor: Lee Marley

Forest Rd Jim Stephenson 8 Web Res

Forest Road

Location: London

Brick Manufacturer: Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC

Brick Names: Floren Vecchio, Floren Tartufo

Architect: Gort Scott

Brickwork Contractor: Legendre UK

P0853 N17 printa5

Lucy Cavendish College

Location: Cambridge

Brick Manufacturer: Forterra PLC

Brick Name: Bamford Blend

Architect: R H Partnership Architects

Brickwork Contractor: Caxton Brickworks

Harbord Square Brick and Stone detail

No 8 Harbord Square

Location: London

Brick Manufacturers: Ibstock PLC / Northcot Brick

Brick Names: Staffordshire Blue Brindle Smooth / Newport St Blend

Architect: Karakusevic Carson Architects

Brickwork Contractor: Swift Brickwork Contractors Ltd

M Wjun24 662534 BW

Ouseburn Quays

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

Brick Manufacturer: Ibstock PLC

Brick Names: Birtley Olde English Grey, Birtley Northern Buff, Commercial Red, Glazed Copper

Architect: Xsite Architecture

Brickwork Contractor: Build Solutions

MBH 24 06 002

The Engine Yard

Location: Edinburgh

Brick Manufacturer: Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC

Brick Name: Blockleys Sterling Grey

Architect: LDN Architects

Brickwork Contractor: Marshall Errock Construction