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Royal Eden Docks Phase 2

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Location: London

Brick Manufacturer: Ibstock PLC

Brick Names: White Engobe, Ivanhoe Creams, Moss Green GR49

Architect: Hunters

Brickwork Contractor: Swift Brickwork Contractors Ltd

About the project

The Mount Anvil, Royal Eden Dock project, located in London, showcases distinctive brickwork as a key architectural feature. The development consists of several residential buildings that employ a carefully considered combination of brick types and bonding patterns to create a visually striking and contemporary aesthetic.

The primary brickwork used in the Royal Eden Dock project is Ivanhoe Creams by Ibstock, which was laid on the external perimeters, with Engobe Whites by Ibstock in the internal podium elevations and Green Glazed bricks on the ground to 2nd floor on all elevations. These high-quality bricks provide a clean, modern appearance and are laid in a stretcher bond pattern, a classic brickwork technique where the long side (stretcher) of the brick is visible on the face of the wall. This pattern creates a sense of uniformity and simplicity, allowing the inherent beauty of the brickwork to take centre stage.

To add visual interest and break up the expanse of the light-coloured brickwork, the architects have incorporated a contrasting darker brick at strategic points throughout the façade. The juxtaposition of light and dark bricks creates a dynamic interplay of colour and texture, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the development.

The brickwork in the Royal Eden Dock project is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves practical purposes. The high-quality bricks and skilled craftsmanship provided by Swift Brickwork Contractors Ltd, the appointed brickwork contractor for the project, ensure the longevity and durability of the buildings. The careful detailing around openings and at the edges of the buildings helps to protect against weathering and water ingress.

The Mount Anvil, Royal Eden Dock project not only boasts impressive brickwork and architectural design but also significantly contributes to the local community in various ways. The development includes a mix of private and affordable housing units, helping to address the pressing need for accessible housing options in London. By providing affordable homes, the project enables a diverse range of residents to live in the area, fostering a more inclusive community.

The construction of the Royal Eden Dock project has created numerous job opportunities for local contractors, suppliers, and skilled workers, providing a significant boost to the local economy. The influx of new residents also supports local businesses, such as shops, restaurants, and service providers, further contributing to the area's economic growth.

The project incorporates various sustainable features, such as energy-efficient systems, green roofs, and the use of eco-friendly materials. By prioritizing sustainability, the development minimizes its environmental impact and sets a positive example for future projects in the area.

Overall, the brickwork in the Mount Anvil Royal Eden Dock project is a testament to the enduring appeal and versatility of this classic building material. Through the thoughtful selection of brick types, colours, and bonding patterns, the architects, in collaboration with Swift Brickwork Contractors Ltd, have created a development that is both visually striking and well-crafted, setting a new standard for contemporary residential architecture in London.

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