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Marchwood House

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Location: Crowthorne

Brick Manufacturer: Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC

Brick Names: Hampshire Stock Dark Multi, Charnwood Hampshire Red

Architect: Green Shadow

Brickwork Contractor: Fusion Brickwork LTD

About the project

Marchwood was conceived from a bricklayer’s perspective on the ideal architectural aesthetics of a house. It embodies the owners professional life as a culmination of years of extensive experience in bricklaying as both a tradesperson and later on, as a business owner.

The external façade is entirely clad in brick and clay. Window sills feature tile creases with brick headers, and the arches above them are meticulously gauged, devoid of any stonework.

Many of the intricate details were conceived and refined on-site. A creative freedom was granted for the mid-band detail, allowing for experimentation through numerous dry bonding trials before the team settled on the final design. Both the bricklayers and apprentices actively participated in these trials and the subsequent completion of the agreed-upon detail. A discerning eye will notice the central brick of the mid-band, a reversed plinth, pointing left and right on either side of the building.

The project showcases a variety of brick bonds, showcasing the expertise of the team involved. Flemish bonds adorn the main elevations, while herringbone and diagonal interlacing feature prominently on the gable ends. A raked joint, followed by a polish, was favoured for the mortar joints, emerging as the preferred style among all others.

The meticulous tile creasing details on the flanks testify to the craftsmanship that the team takes immense pride in. Once again, from bricklayer to apprentice, all were deeply involved in the intricate detailing.

The chimney was christened the ”Rope twist chimney,” utilizing specially crafted bricks to achieve its distinctive circumference and rope-like effect.

Ultimately, the project was a testament to the skill and dedication of bricklayers, constructed by those who truly understand the artistry of their craft. Marchwood is a visual masterpiece showcasing a wide range of skills, features and more.

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