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The Scoop

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Location: London

Brick Manufacturer: Ibstock PLC

Brick Names: London White Glazed Brick, Special Shapes

Architects: Corstorphine & Wright / Lipton Plant Architects

Brickwork Contractors: Grafton Brickwork / MJG Building London

About the project

'The Scoop' is an eye-catching overhaul of an office block on Union Street, near London’s South Bank, that found a way to respect the adjacent church, and preserve views of its historic façade, whilst providing approximately 170m2 of office space. It also created a desirable two-bedroom flat with a roof terrace.

When plans to develop the office block were formulated, architects Litpon Plant immediately set about meeting the client’s requirements whilst being sensitive to the neighbouring Grade II-listed Roman Catholic Church of the Most Precious Blood. The concern was that the new offices would overshadow the attractive church, render it invisible, and obscure views of its beautiful stained glass window from street level.

The solution was ingenious: Lipton Plant’s scheme features a semi-circular ‘cut out’, constructed of Ibstock glazed white bricks, on the front elevation of the office building. This enables passers-by to see past the modern offices and admire the church’s stained glass even though the latter is set back relative to the former.

This inspired treatment not only penetrates the natural massing of the office; it also creates a visual bridge that unites two otherwise divided views and locations. The cut out semi-circle frames and emphasises the church’s wonderful round window, improves the church’s setting, and provides an interesting and playful segment of streetscape.

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IG 1200x1011 300dpi White

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