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5 Frederick’s Place

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Location: London

Brick Manufacturers: Ibstock PLC / York Handmade Brick Company

Brick Names: Kingston Handmade Restoration Red, Kingston Handmade Heather Red / Chetham Blend

Architects: Stanton Williams / Sonnemann Toon

Brickwork Contractor: Grangewood Brickwork Services Limited

About the project

Frederick’s Place is based in the heart of London, close to Bank Underground Station and a 10-minute walk from St Pauls Cathedral. This refurbishment project involved the demolition of two buildings and the erection of a seven-storey structure consisting of both retail and commercial spaces. The client building Frederick’s Place is The Mercers Company, they are focused on being a ‘philanthropic force for good’. In the last five years they have awarded £49.7 million to over 400 organisations across their people-focused programmes and funding areas.

Grangewood Brickwork works involved the supplying and laying of blocks, bricks, mortar, lintels, ties, masonry supports, wind-posts systems (Wembley Innovation) and further related sundries required to meet the brickwork and blockwork package.

Within the scope of GBSL works, brickwork was carried out on all levels of the building’s façade. Blockwork was installed in the basement, ground floor, and also on gridline 3 for all the floors. Masonry support has been installed across all floors, and Wembley innovation systems have been installed in the basement and gridline 3 for all floors.

The combination of different types of bricks in the building’s construction adds character and appeal, drawing the attention of the public. This blend of bricks creates an alluring façade that speaks to both tradition and modernity. It’s an effective way to add personality to an architectural design, captivating the public.

Grangewood Brickwork chose their highly qualified site manager, Ernestas Urbonavicius to manage this project. He was responsible for the overall daily works of the job. He was able to direct his operatives to ensure that all of them were working at their highest level. Some were assigned to 5 Frederick’s Place which included the construction of a tapestry wall that had three hand laid arches at the entrance, base of the building. Other operatives were focused on 4A+B Frederick’s Place, a main detail of these buildings was the window reveals across three levels.

The tapestry brickwork enhances the building by introducing intricate patterns and textures to its facade. These patterns add visual interest and depth, making the building more memorable to viewers. The arrangement of bricks creates a dynamic surface that catches the eye and contributes to the overall visual attractiveness. The hand laid arches sat below the tapestry wall add further detail to the building’s façade, which when viewed by the public will be more aesthetically pleasing.

The window reveals were incorporated and have enhanced brickwork by adding depth and visual interest to the exterior of 4A+B. These recessed areas around windows create shadows, drawing attention to the façade and adding architectural definition. On top of this, window reveals also serve a practical purpose by helping to manage water runoff and protect the structure from moisture infiltration.

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IG 1200x1011 300dpi White

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