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The Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters

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231004 Tate Hindle Salvation Army Jack Hobhouse 001


Location: London

Brick Manufacturer: Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC

Brick Name: First Quality Multi

Architect: TateHindle

Brickwork Contractor: Thorp Precast

About the project

The Salvation Army’s new Territorial Headquarters (THQ) building stands as a testament to the artistry and functionality of brickwork, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation. The structure pays homage to its historic context while asserting its contemporary identity through meticulous attention to detail, particularly in the manipulation of brick elements.

The exterior facade, clad in brick-faced precast panels, is a masterclass in architectural subtlety utilising a modern method of construction. The bricks, sourced locally from Sussex, are chosen for their quality and durability, embodying both our and our client’s commitment to longevity and sustainability. The brickwork echoes the materiality of the Salvation Army’s neighbouring William Booth College buildings, designed by Giles Gilbert Scott in the 1920s, in a lighter tone but with darker flecks, establishing a visual dialogue with the heritage surroundings.

Central to the design are the projecting brick piers and recessed windows, strategically incorporated to create a dynamic interplay of light and shadow. When viewed from an oblique angle, these elements combine to give the facade a sense of solidity and permanence, echoing the robust design of the neighbouring traditional brick college buildings.

However, when viewed straight on, a different aspect of the facade is revealed. We have carefully balanced the solidity of the brickwork with the need for maximising natural daylighting. Here, much more glazing becomes visible, allowing ample light to permeate the interior spaces, augmented with a generous glazed central atrium. This thoughtful integration of brick and glass not only ensures a harmonious aesthetic but also enhances the building’s functionality, creating bright and inviting work environments.
The juxtaposition of solid brick piers and expansive glazing reflects the organisation’s values of strength and transparency, symbolising its commitment to both tradition and innovation. Moreover, the inclusion of these elements serves a practical purpose, maximising natural daylighting while minimising excess solar gain and glare to reduce the building’s reliance on artificial lighting, thus contributing to its ambitious sustainability goals.

Biophilia was also a key consideration, connecting the building users back to nature. The building is surrounded by trees and their foliage foregrounds most of the views out. Externally, there has been significant landscaping to the front and rear of the building to improve the setting of the building for local residents. Bird and bat boxes are integrated into the building’s brickwork to help support biodiversity in the immediate locality. Internally there are numerous planters in the workspaces and on the roof terrace which work to create a feeling of peace and calm.

The brick detailing is simple but crisp and refined, aided by its off-site construction. Hit and miss panels subtly conceal louvres providing on-floor air-handling intake and exhaust in key locations where visible metalwork would appear incongruous.
In essence, the Salvation Army THQ building stands as a testament to the versatility and beauty of brickwork in contemporary architecture. Through careful manipulation of materials and form, TateHindle has created a structure that not only honours its heritage context but also embodies the organisation’s values of strength, transparency, and longevity.

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