The Gramophone Works

DL RHE GB 0935


Brick Manufacturer: Wienerberger Limited

Architect: Studio RHE Limited

Brickwork Contractor: Grangewood Brickwork Services Limited

About the project

The former Headquarters of Sanderson Fabrics and subsequently of Saga Records at the epicentre of reggae music in London, The Gramophone Works is a new canal side commercial scheme constructed using the latest in timber technology to create a sustainable and healthy workplace environment. The distinctive design takes it’s cues from the industrial heritage of the site as well as historic links to the music industry, creating a vibrant and characterful waterside working campus.

The existing 1930s building, was designed to be extended upwards as the owner’s business grew. In order to facilitate this a heavily engineered structure was constructed with column stubs protruding from the roof as well as two 5 storey circulation towers. The new building seeks to finally fulfil the ambitions of the original architect by retaining the existing structure to be re-used as the foundation for extending upwards to maximise the site’s commercial potential.

The building consists of a solid brick base with punched hole glazed openings that are reminiscent of the Canal side warehouse architecture of the past. Above this a set-back contemporary glazed facade rises skywards. The aluminium fins take their rhythm from the brick penetrations below and contrast strongly with the solid base which grounds itself to the site.