Specialist Brickwork Contractor

Marlborough Brickwork



Project 1: Hambleton Crematorium Maple Park

Brick Manufacturer: Ibstock Brick Limited

Architect: Benchmark Architects

Project 2: Cosmos

Brick Manufacturer: Ibstock Brick Limited

Architect: Corstorphine & Wright

About the project

Marlborough is a specialist masonry contractor with a passion for brick and drive to promote the product through a professional and collaborative approach. We embed traditional skills, techniques, and knowledge within an innovative and forward-thinking approach to products, processes, and people development. With over 30 years of trading, we have an extensive catalogue of repeat business with clients, supported by our robust and valued supply chain. Marlborough has an integrated HS&E Business Management System that is accredited to ISO 9001, 45001 and 14001. It provides staff with access to all documents, procedures, guidance, forms, and reference material through a user-friendly index. The system has received plaudits from numerous external auditors.