Outdoor Space

Location: Somerset

Brick Manufacturer: Northcot Brick Limited

Brick: Brickfield Antique handmade

Architect/Designer: Benjamin + Beauchamp Architects Limited

Brickwork Contractor: Crowstep Building Services Limited

The Newt in Somerset

“An expansive landscape led scheme, with new buildings and structures thoughtfully arranged around existing, refurbished and new landscape gardens and orchards.”

An incredibly impressive and ambitious project. The brickwork has been carried out to a very high quality standard in the new building, carefully detailed and good appearance.The use of brick is mainly in the rebuilding of existing walls and associated landscape features (new retaining walls and pond edgings), Alongside this in the careful conservation of an existing brick cottage, and in new brick elements of structure, such as the columns to the new barns, and chimney to the boiler house. The new buildings are all designed to give the impression of having been there for centuries. 

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