Why Clay Brick?

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quality made in
the UK

Certain supply. Certain quality. 80% of the 2.5bn bricks deployed in the UK’s built environment, are made in the UK. Why is this important? As well as the certainty you have in a strong domestic supply chain, you know that the products are of consistently excellent quality.

When you’re using materials to build, that’s really important.

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The original

The most tried and tested modular building material in existence. Clay brick adapts to your artistic flair and method of construction. Because its modular form offers endless versatility, easy handling and secure supply, both to on-and off-site projects.

For sustainable

What does real sustainability look like? It’s ever lasting. Clay brick stands the test of time, providing generations with healthy, flexible living spaces that are natural and, quite literally, weather all storms.

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For life.

Life can be rough. You need a home that’s robust. Clay brick withstands everything life throws at it. It gives you certainty. You’ll find it easier to secure finance on a brick built home. You’ll find it easier to maintain. And, because it lasts such a very long time, you can hand it on. To your children. To your children’s children. To your children’s children’s children…

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