This project uses brick construction to create an innovative effect, juxtaposing glazed bricks and mirror-polished steel, that enlivens the streetscape. The site was a narrow yard at the rear of Hackney Road. The project makes very good use of this high street hinterland, contributing positively to what is a very mixed, urban street with residential and commercial buildings. 

Brick is used in an inventive way primarily through the application of mirror polished stainless steel to headers in the context of protruding stretchers. These mirror polished elements have the effect of reflecting the sky, animating the brickwork and generating a surprising effect of dematerialising the wall. For a modest and relatively simple process, it is strikingly effective. 

The brick choice feels appropriate. It is highly unusual in the context of London, but it works well because of the mixed and urban nature of the street; bold enough to stand out but does not feel forced. The quality of brickwork is high.



Location: London 

Architect/Designer: Urban Mesh Design 

Brick: Black Volcano by H.G. Matthews 

Brickwork Contractor: A R Hook Brickwork Ltd

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