Architects' Choice


The project on Creek Road is well constructed and creates a dense housing scheme in the centre of Greenwich. There are particularly nice elements to the rear facade, specifically the extension of the existing church, and the interesting row of individual houses, which demonstrate nice aspects.

The choice of brick for the extended warehouse and the first part of the development is particularly pleasing both in terms of material quality and its application. The quality of construction and in particular the brickwork, is very good.

The project realises the site’s potential, producing a great number of good quality housing units for the housing association client.


Location: London

Architect/Designer: BPTW Partnership

Brick: Funton Old Chelsea Yellow by Ibstock

Brickwork Contractor: Bouygues UK

This year the Individual Housing Development category is sponsored by Ibstock Brick.


Ibstock Brick is the leading manufacturer by volume of clay bricks sold in the UK and continues to drive the brick industry forward through design, innovation, quality and range.