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Large Housing Development

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The Large Housing Development category welcomes new-build, private- and public-sector residential developments, sited in the UK, which comprise 101 units or more.

These may include the residential element of a larger mixed-use project.

Projects which constitute a clearly identifiable Phase of a larger scheme will be considered to be complete if, the Phase is fully accessible and habitable.

Projects must have been completed within the last two years, and substantially use BDA-member bricks.

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IG 1200x1011 300dpi White

Combining our experience with innovation, we design and manufacture the most practical and advanced range of stainless steel masonry support products and revolutionary brick slip soffit systems for the construction industry.

As a company, we have been recognised and won awards for our innovative approach to product design and focus on creating products which solve common problems on-site and enhance long term building performance.

Our extended range of building components include brick slip arches, brick slip feature lintels, standard lintels and windposts. Complimentary to our product offering, we also provide specialist brick services including cutting, bonding, refacing and tinting.