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210907squirepartnersthestudios111 1

The Department Store Studios

Location: 19 Bellefields Road, London

Brick Manufacturer: Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC, Ibstock Brick

Brick Name: Michelmersh -  Charnwood Hampshire Red, Light Victorian Red, and Light Farnham Red while also using Blockleys Black Smooth

Ibstock -  Ravenhead Tradesman Common

Architect: Squire & Partners

Brickwork Contractor: Lyons & Anoot

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Manufacturers of clay pavers and 'Class A' bricks for both facing and engineering applications in Staffordshire blue, brown brindle and red as well as a wide range of bricks slips, special bricks and paver fittings and accessories. Our expertise and flexibility allows us to tackle all kinds of projects from bespoke clay products and special shapes to standard engineering as well as class a special bricks, in large or small volumes.

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