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Tangzhuang Village Community Centre

Tangzhuang village 1


Location: Jiangsu, China

Architect/Designer: SHEN yue

About the project

Located in Tangzhuang village in Jiangsu province with its design rooted in the region’s traditional culture, the building is built to create a rich cultural activity space for villagers and tourists, to boost neighbourhood relations, and to alleviate the current situation of rural population loss.Composed of a group of Multi storey buildings, the Village Community Centre uses fair-faced brick and wood as the rep-resentation of the humanistic environment and nature.The upwards sloping roofs, grey tiles, tessellated flowered wood doors, embedded red bricks, hollow brick walls, and corbels all together with courtyards and eaves assimilate the traditional spatial quality in the village. Whereas, on the second floor, the decoration and structure is built by the wood. The juxtaposition of these two architectural languages offers a dual perception of nature and art, responding to the history and the humanistic environment of the village.