House Builder

Crest Nicholson

GJP 8106


Development 1: Harry Stoke – Brooklands development.

Brick Manufacturer: Ibstock Brick Limited

Architect: Crest Nicholson

Development 2: Brooklands

Brick Manufacturer: Ibstock Brick Limited

Architect: Crest Nicholson

About the project

As one of the UK’s premier house-builders, Crest Nicholson creates quality homes and thriving, sustainable communities that improve the quality of residents’ lives. They select desirable locations for their developments and then take a holistic design approach that benefits the environment and society, too.

Crest Nicholson’s renewable energy targets demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainability and the environment. The company has a sustainability committee, chaired by the Chief Executive. This ensures continuous progress as they increasingly focus on reducing carbon emissions and delivering homes that are future-proofed for a changing climate. The company is also committed to creating social value and delivering a positive impact through its relationships with customers and communities. Attractive placemaking helps them to deliver well-connected communities where people and nature can thrive together.

Crest Nicholson’s open and responsible way of working also runs through the company itself: the working environment is a collaborative one where wellbeing is all-important. The company also has a Diversity and Inclusion Forum where ten volunteers each represent a specific area of diversity. This forum, which is also chaired by the Chief Executive, meets several times a year to help the business become more representative of the areas in which they operate.

Employees are also empowered to deliver success. Talent development is a top priority as demonstrated by the company’s successful apprenticeship programme: 10% of the workforce are currently apprentices. The programme has also expanded in recent times to include a new ‘Technical Apprentices’ pilot that explores wider career opportunities within construction.