Annesley Gardens

SM 1307 0010 Pano Photo By Ste Murray 2


Project Country: Ireland

Architect: Metropolitan Workshop - Dublin

Brickwork Contractor: Mount Collins Homes Limited

About the project

Annesley Gardens is a new terraced street in Ranelagh, Dublin. Designed by Metropolitan Workshop for Seabren Developments, it sits in a former light industrial site surrounded on all sides by protected 19th Century period housing. The contemporary architecture of the new street successfully integrates into the surrounding urban grain while tackling contextual sensitivities such as overlooking and visual impact through careful design and site planning.

The recommended separation distance between buildings in Dublin is typically 20 metres. This is a longer separation than is required in London and presented a challenge on this particularly tight site. The required distance was achieved through acute configurations of first floor terraces and cut-backs. The scheme accommodates two key house types, each responsive to the peculiarities of the site with individual variances.

A regular rhythm is articulated across the terrace with a language of projecting bay windows, recessed entrance thresholds and individual ‘light chimneys’ all serving to identify individual homes within the streetscape. This project also features careful brickwork detailing throughout, with eye-catching sawtooth detailing to the façade and perforated brickwork to the rear terraces.

Overall, the attention to detail in the brickwork has provided a contemporary reference point to the surrounding Victorian vernacular and integrates the project within its sensitive context.