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Ponsteiger BA002


Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Architect/Designer: Arons & Gelauf

Brickwork Contractor: Dura Vermeer De Nijs

Brick: Koninklijke Tichelaar

About the project

The large building consists of a six-floor low-rise block that wraps around a plaza on the waterfront. Two slender 60 metre towers at the open end of this block frame the river view. The towers carry a bridge spanning 48 metres rising to a height of 90 metres above the city. The building is elevated 7 metres and set upon a base of four pavilions. The glazed pavilions accommodate lobbies, restaurants, bars and cafes. A marina for the residents of Pontsteiger is located at the westside. Despite its scale, the building’s elevated volume creates an astonishing light-footed presence on site and a constantly changing appearance, different from every part of the city. The result is an impressive, clean-cut façade with an animated appeal that varies according to the seasons, weather conditions and angle of light.