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The Interlock

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York 1200 1
1901 Riding House Gilbert Mc Carragher Lo Res 009


Location: London, Great Britain

Architect/Designer: Bureau de Change architects

Brickwork Contractor: Irvine Whitlock

Brick: Forterra - Staffordshire Blue Clay

About the project

Riding House Street hosts an extraordinary breadth of architectural styles, unified by the use of brickwork, which serves as the façade material of choice. The Interlock absorbs this history and responds by taking the proportions of the neighbouring 19th Century terrace and, recasting its brick façade to create a building of uncertain heritage – one that is simultaneously historic and contemporary, familiar yet foreign. Abandoning the traditional dimensions of London brick, a collection of 44 misshapen and seemingly un-stackable clay blocks were developed. The patterns visible across the surface are informed, in part, by the interactions between materials and structure. The bricks appear to lap up against glazing, swell and bow between floors and are inset frame-like to denote the building’s perimeter. For passers-by, the bricks appear to morph and twist like cogs.

Sponsored by York Handmade Brick Company

York 1200 1

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