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Cambridge Central Mosque

C Cmosque BA001


Location: Cambridge, Great Britain

Architect/Designer: Marks Barfield Architects

Brickwork Contractor: M Clarke & Sons Contracts Ltd

Brick: Wienerberger Ltd - Corium Façade

About the project

The mosque is intended to announce Islam’s presence in Cambridge as a spiritual and cultural centre not only for Muslims but also the wider community. The idea emerged of a calm oasis within a grove of trees, inspired by an image of the garden of paradise. Also, a source of inspiration were elements from both Islamic and English religious architectural traditions, in particular English fan vaulting as seen in Kings college chapel and, sacred Islamic geometry. The underlying geometry of the entire building is the ‘breath of the compassionate’ pattern which is based on octagons and symbolises the rhythm of life. The cladding reflects both local vernacular materials and, Islamic sacred traditions. The brick tiles have also been arranged to form Square Kufic calligraphy writing, incorporating specially formed bespoke protruding headers, which reads ‘say he is God (the) one’.