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Royal College of Pathologists

Bennetts Associates Royal College of Pathologists c Peter Cook 4001


Location: London, Great Britain

Architect/Designer: Bennetts Associates

Brickwork Contractor: Gilbert Ash

Brick: Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC - Freshfield Lane Selected Darks

About the project

The new London headquarters for the Royal College of Pathologists is a flexible, environmentally efficient building. Located in the rapidly-changing area of Aldgate on the city’s eastern fringes, the seven-storey building replaces an existing office block and represents the final phase in the College’s relocation from its former home in the West End. The new building uses materials and artefacts to reflect the character of the Royal College, with social areas, staff offices and education spaces that reference the college’s history and look to its future. As a key feature, the building’s sixth floor steps back, creating an open-plan pavilion with panoramic views over London. The large double height reception space can be used for hosting public exhibitions and events while the full height windows at ground floor level create transparency and a sense of openness.