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Individual Housing Development

Sponsored by
Northcot Brick

Haringey Brick House

Brick Manufacturer - Ibstock Brick

Architect - Satish Jassal Architects


Hulmefield Hall

Brick Manufacturer - York Handmade Brick Company

Architect - Nigel Daly Design

Brickwork Contractor - Bartholomew Homes


Kenwood Lee House

Brick Manufacturer - Wienerberger Ltd

Architect - Cousins & Cousins

Brickwork Contractor - New Wave London

Ten oaks

Ten Oaks Farm

Brick Manufacturer - HG Matthews

Architect - Kirkland Fraser Moor

Brickwork Contractor - City Brickwork

Terracotta house

Terracotta House

Brick Manufacturer - Ibstock Brick

Architect - Annabelle Tugby Architects

Brickwork Contractor -  John Carroll & Sons

Sponsored by Northcot Brick

Northcot Brick

Northcot Brick have been quarrying clay and making bricks for nearly 100 years. The richly-coloured bricks are made by Master Brickmakers who between them have hundreds of years of experience in the highly skilled art of brick-making. The bricks they make are used in all types of building projects all over the country.