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Bellway Homes

Developments: Elmington Green; Brampton Gate; Biggleswade

Brick Manufacturers: Ibstock Brick (all)

Architect: Bellway Homes


Croudace Homes

Developments: The Lanes; Kingsweald; Hermitage Park

Brick Manufacturers: Ibstock Brick; Michelmersch Brick Holdings PLC; Wienerberger Ltd

Architect: Croudace Homes

Miller 1

Miller Homes

Developments: Croston Meadow; Fairfield Gardens; Park View

Brick Manufacturers: Forterra

Architect: Miller Homes


Robertson Partnership Homes

Developments: Pennywell Road; Finavon Street; Calder Gardens

Brick Manufacturers: Forterra

Architect: Barton Willmore

Sponsored by Forterra

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Wherever you are in Britain, you won’t be far from a building with a Forterra brick, block or bespoke clay or concrete product somewhere in its fabric.

Our history of manufacturing building products began in the 19th century; we kept Britain building right through the 20th century; and we continue to be at the forefront of building innovation in the 21st century so you, and future generations, can continue to build history.

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