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Environmental Product Declarations

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for clay brick demonstrates that over the product’s whole lifecycle - including construction, in-use phase as well as end-of-life of a building - overall carbon emissions per year of service life are low. At their end-of-life, products can also be re-used and recycled.

Whilst EPDs help specifiers advance sustainability goals, the study period for a building’s life is only 60 years, which is far less than the typical service life of 150 years, and only 1% of the age of the oldest fired clay bricks made 7500 years ago and still in use today! In other words, calculating the carbon cost over too short a lifespan penalises more durable products such as clay brick that are less carbon intensive over the full lifespan and beyond.

View our UK Clay Brick EPD here.

Environmental Product Declarations EP Ds

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