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Safety is non-negotiable. Clay brick exceeds the most stringent safety standards set by the UK Building Regulations. From fire-resistant facades to structurally sound walls, clay brick offers unparalleled peace of mind.

Brick can be used for MMC or off-site construction methods and can therefore minimise work from height. They are also key to healthy buildings. Clay bricks are inert and do not emit harmful VOCs or toxins, ensuring building occupants enjoy good air quality.

The BDA, along with its members, is committed to safeguarding the UK’s construction sector from sub-standard products and practices. This commitment is embodied in the Brickmakers Quality Charter (BQC) accreditation - the UK's symbol of excellence in brick manufacturing. The BQC ensures that stringent critical standards are met by every brick manufacturer bearing its stamp, guaranteeing the highest level of quality and safety in every brick.

Choose clay brick, choose safety, choose peace of mind.


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