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Small Housing Development

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Web Alben Works photo by Tom Bird 3

Alben Works

Location: Birmingham

Brick Manufacturer: Northcot Brick & Wienerberger Limited

Brick Name: Broadway Buff & Blue Engineer Perforated Bricks

Architect: Marco da Cruz

 Contractor: TBC

FL MM First Quality Multi Becontree London 2023 French Tye 5

Becontree Estate

Location: Dagenham

Brick Manufacturer: Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC

Brick Name: First Quality Multi

Architect: Archio

Contractor: Daniel & Co Brickwork Ltd

MB 002

Moylinney Court

Location: Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland

Brick Manufacturer: Wienerberger Limited

Brick Name: Con Mosso

Architect: Hall Black Douglas

Contractor: Kelly Brothers

OBA St Peters 1

St Peter's

Location: Croydon

Brick Manufacturer: Wienerberger Limited

Brick Name: Bronsgroen, Marziale, SuperWhite

Architect: Grant Freeman, OB Architecture Ltd, BLUNN Architects

Contractor: TBC

01 The Arches Photography by Matthew White and Izzy Scott of AVR London

The Arches

Location: London

Brick Manufacturer: Ibstock Brick Limited

Brick Name: Bexhill Red Multi

Architect: DHaus

Contractor: Space Free Limited

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ARC Building Solutions is a specialist manufacturer of cavity fire barriers and cavity closers, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Established in 2008, ARC specialises in bringing unique and innovative products to market. Designed to solve real world on-site challenges, ARC’s products help to deliver safer and more sustainable homes and buildings. ARC’s wealth of technical experience ensures that the best solution can be identified from our comprehensive range of products.

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