Urban Regeneration

Location: London

Brick Manufacturer: Wienerberger Limited

Brick: Wienerberger “Lincoln Red”

Architect/Designer: Henley Halebrown

Brickwork Contractor: Rocald Limited


Hackney New Primary School & 333 Kingsland Road

“It is safe to say with the number of flats achieved within the tower block; the potential of site is very much maximized-it compares well with the existing tall block of flats located directly opposite; forming some sort of gateway as a pair.”

Quality of brickwork is consistently very very well done. The architect mentioned that they have mocked up various sample panels to achieve the exacting finish and mortar type they were after. Brilliant overall execution in terms of construction. Especially to include the beautiful sculptural vaulted pre-cast concrete soffits to the colonnade semi-open public walkways around the corner building. Brilliant impressive project! Clay bricks have been used to the maximum here; even as flooring in most parts of the school.

Sponsored by: Forterra PLC

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