Location: Worcestershire

Brick Manufacturer: Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC

Brick: Charnwood Handmade Henley Red

Architect/Designer: Quinlan Terry  Architects LLP

Brickwork Contractor: J. Rigg Construction Limited

Wolverton Hall Folly

“The folly is a tour-de-force of brick manufacture and construction, demonstrating the skill of the brick maker and the craft of the bricklayer, and that traditional design can be innovative and dramatic.”

The Wolverton Hall Folly is an exquisitely executed octagonal tower, an unforgiving geometry, which required extremely precise brickwork drawings and accurate design of specials. There is almost no tolerance in the design, which is the minimum size required to accommodate the staircases. The project’s success therefore hinges on the craftsmanship of the brickwork and the precision with which the brickwork was planned.

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