Located in Damavand, a small, old city close to Tehran with a landscape of mountains, the project is sited amidst residential areas steeped in brick history, making the material an obvious choice for this four-storey apartment, which translates the city’s material interest into contemporary accommodation, in a form and at a cost appropriate to the local economy. 

The project uses brick playfully but within a simple parametric, structured plan that draws inspiration from a DIY culture and shies away from the off-site prefabrication prevalent in the locale. The design has in fact contributed to an online open source database of similar works, with the intention of sharing this practice and facilitating similar development in an area restricted by economic means.


Location: Damavand, Iran 

Architect/Designer: Sstudiomm

This year the Worldwide Award is sponsored by Ancon.


Ancon designs and manufactures high integrity steel products for the construction industry, supplying customers worldwide in a variety of sectors from small-scale residential developments to major infrastructure projects. Products for brick cladding include masonry support systems, windposts, lintels, wall ties, restraint fixings and bed joint reinforcement.

All Ancon products that fall within a harmonised European Standard are CE compliant.

Ancon is a three-time winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation in 2018 and 2012; International Trade in 2015), a prestigious award scheme that rewards outstanding achievements by UK businesses.