Small Housing Development


The use of cleverly designed and well executed brickwork across this project has produced buildings of considerable quality. 

These carefully detailed buildings function very well in the context of their respective sites. In some cases, they unobtrusively improve the context, in some they carefully balance and match. 

A high level of creativity has been brought to the concept design and site potential well realised. The three buildings, between which there is a good level of consistency, sit nicely within their surroundings. 

Much care has been taken in establishing a level of detailing, achieved mainly by the imaginative use of brick bonding, which makes for a puzzling and pleasing complexity. These are finely crafted homes which have, if anything, raised the tone of their respective environments.


Location: London 

Architect/Designer: Burd Haward Architects 

Brick: St Ives Creme Rustica by Wienerberger 

Brickwork Contractor: Boxmoor Construction Ltd