This project is a very skilled work of refurbishment on an industrial building. The Wetlands centre dignifies and respects the industrial heritage of the site and transforms its extraordinary setting. 

The building’s new roof line and tower – with cues taken from a historic chimney there – act as distinctive markers in the industrial landscape. The potential of the site could barely be better realised; the project transforms the Wetlands experience. The interior and surroundings of the building allow for different public and educational uses at different times. 

The brick choice for the tower is very well informed; the hard, brown brindle brick has a soft sheen to it that looks sometimes dark and other times slightly reflects the sky. The choice of brick in the refurbishment element also complements the lovely pink existing brick. Across both old and new elements, the quality of detailing and execution is extremely high.


Location: London 

Architect/Designer: Witherford Watson Mann Architects 

Brick: Brown Brindle / Red Brown / Staffordshire Blue Quarry Tiles / Staffordshire Red Quarry Tiles by Ketley 

Brickwork Contractor: Global Brickwork Ltd, AES Construction Services Ltd

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