Perhaps the greatest accolade to Storey’s Field Centre is the fact that it has, in a very short space of time, been adopted as the heart of the community. Fulfilling the brief, the finished article is far more than the sum of its parts and represents a valuable amenity for local residents, who will certainly take pleasure from the use of this high-quality community space. 

From an architectural perspective, the building works on many different levels. It has a simple concept that gives due regard to the combination of internal and external spaces, supported by a confident selection of materials and their meticulous detailing. 

The conjunction of a communal building and a nursery has been dealt with skilfully and the building as a whole makes good use of its position. The brick is very attractive; the colour, tone and texture adding interest and character to the new urban realm. This project was designed and executed to an exceptional standard.



Location: Cambridge 

Architect/Designer: MUMA 

Brick: Con Mosso by Wienerberger 

Brickwork Contractor: Anglian Brickwork Ltd

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