Individual Housing Development


An inventive and considered building, Red House is successfully nestled in a row of Victorian houses, whilst standing out as a great example of a modern interpretation of a terraced house typology. 

Strong in concept, the house fully realises the site’s potential, complementing its neighbouring buildings despite its bold differentiation. The quality of the red brickwork is very good and the matching colour of the mortar is successful, communicating solidity and creating a striking façade to define the end of the terrace. 

The exterior of the building is bright and colourful, but the interior was designed to be deliberately minimal, ready for the buyer to make their own; the owner’s high praise suggests this was the right approach. 

This is a unique development, the detailing and overall execution of which is excellent.


Location: London 

Architect/Designer: 31/44 Architects 

Brick: Terre Rouge by Wienerberger, Staffordshire Blue star-patterned paver by Ketley, Reclaimed London Stock 

Brickwork Contractor: Studio PL Ltd

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