The client’s relentless pursuit of perfection for Harpsden Wood House, challenged the architect and brickwork contractor to produce a catalogue of fine brick details, the likes of which are seldom seen all in a single project: triple and double header arches with creasing tile details, corbels, chimneys and careful infill work to masonry; matching coursework to the existing building and intricate work to the chimney stacks; brick paving, stone trims to steps and dwarf walls, assembly of prefabricated stone to form columns and arches; all of which has been carried out with meticulous attention to detail. 

The quality of the brickwork and the skill with which the items have been created is impressive. It is one thing to have the opportunity to work in this sort of environment but quite another to have the skill to deliver. This project demonstrates exceptional quality of craft.


Location: Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire 

Architect/Designer: Jonathan Lees Architects 

Brick: Oak Fired Handmade by H.G. Matthews 

Brickwork Contractor: Fusion Brickwork Ltd

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