Across Categories


Judges granted 8 commendations:

1st Commendation

Project: John Lewis Oxford

Category: Commercial

Location: Oxford

Architect/Designer: Glenn Howells Architects

Brick: Byland Maxima by The York Handmade Company

Brickwork Contractor: Laing O'Rourke

2nd Commendation

Project: The Tropical Ravine

Category: Craftsmanship

Location: Belfast

Architect/Designer: Hall Black Douglas

Brick: Chester Red / Staffordshire Smooth Red Imperial Specials / Bespoke Specials by Wienerberger

Brickwork Contractor: McAleer & Teague

3rd Commendation

Project: Stowe School, Girls Boarding House West, House Five

Category: Education

Location: Stowe, Buckinghamshire

Architect/Designer: MICA Architects

Brick: Bronsgroen by Wienerberger

Brickwork Contractor: Stepnell

4th Commendation

Project: The Halifax Central Library

Category: Public

Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire

Architect/Designer: LDN Architects

Brick: Piece Hall Blend by The York Handmade Company

Brickwork Contractor: Graham

5th Commendation

Project: Turner's House

Category: Refurbishment

Location: Twickenham

Architect/Designer: Butler Hegarty Architects

Brick: Handmade Double Fired Imperial Sized by The Bulmer Brick & Tile Company Ltd

Brickwork Contractor: Fullers Builders

6th Commendation

Project: Scala Yard

Category: Small Housing Development

Location: York

Architect/Designer: DLA Design

Brick: White Engobe by Ibstock Brick

Brickwork Contractor: GEM Construction Ltd

7th Commendation

Project: Carmichael Court

Category: Urban Regeneration

Location: Stevenston, North Ayrshire

Architect/Designer: MAST Architects

Brick: Belgravia Gault Blend by Forterra Building Products

Brickwork Contractor: Ashleigh Building Scotland Ltd

8th Commendation

Project: Rwanda Cricket Stadium

Category: Worldwide

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Architect/Designer: Light Earth Designs

Brick: Soil Cement Tiles pressed with hydraulic presses by Pan Mixers South Africa

Brickwork Contractor: Roko Construction Ltd