Individual Housing Development Award

Projects need to demonstrate a high level of commitment to the use of brick and show inspirational design elements throughout. Either traditional or contemporary, all single dwelling houses will be considered.

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Courtyard House was designed by Dallas Pierce Quintero. Brookes Contracting acted as the brickwork contractor and used Staffordshire Blue Umbra Sawtooth and Standard bricks manufactured by Ibstock.

The project architect has shown keen understanding of how to enhance a difficult space using brick, with minimal impact on neighbouring properties. The judges commented that the property was ‘well organised, beautifully detailed and an exemplary use of brownfield land to make a new home’. The judges were impressed by the innovation on such a demanding site where the blurring distinction between the inside and outside of the property provide the owner with an extended sense of space, making the overall project a wonderful environment in which to live. The judges said that the client should be ‘proud’. The basket weave effect of the brickwork is something to behold. The use of shaped brick creates a tactile quality that softens the appearance of the building. The blue bricks blend fantastically with the pre-existing wall on the plot. All in all a ‘well presented’ and ‘beautiful house’.

This year the Individual Housing Development Award is sponsored by Carlton Brick.

Carlton Brick manufacture 35 million bricks every year. We are the largest independent in the UK, and continually strive to make bricks that are a perfect match for the regional variations in brickwork that exist in Britain, especially those brick types that might be found in the Midlands and North of England. We blend our clay before using it in the production process; this ensures exactly the right mix for making consistent, high quality red, buff or brown facing bricks.