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2015 Award Winners

2015 Award Winners

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Supreme Award

Winner: The Whitworth, The University of Manchester

2015-whitworth-thumbnailExtraordinary architectural quality both in its internal and external spatial arrangements, attention to detail and workmanship. The proportions of the external spaces are immensely effective and give a calmness and richness. The relationship to its surroundings is clear in the historic Whitworth building and its landscape setting, park and new courtyards. This building has tremendous architectural quality and its use of brick as an ornamental narrative device as well as a robust skin is exceptional.
The level of finesse in the brick detailing coursing jointing and patterning demonstrates a resurgent craft approach to building that is worthy of celebration across the whole construction industry.

Architect’s Choice Award

Winner: The Shields Centre

2015-shields-thumbnailThis local Health centre is at the heart of the community. It is an example of a great design lifting its surroundings. The public face of the building is open and inviting to the clients and users. The project is also strikingly modern but brick gives a heart to the building.
The choice of brick provides warmth and links the centre to its surroundings. Particularly interesting is the use of the metal screens in conjunction with the brickwork giving both interest and adding a degree of privacy. The strong parapet and simple geometry while bold is very effective.

Housing Development 1 – 5 units

Winner: Church Road

2015-church-thumbnailThe steeply sloping site upon which this house was built could have been daunting. To the clients it has held the promise of living with a wonderful aspect over beautiful landscape towards Belfast and the hills beyond. The Architect also realised the opportunity offered by the steep slope and exploited this to create a strikingly handsome and dramatic modern house. The house was conceived as three distinct mono-pitched forms collected together. The connections between the solids are expressed by recesses in the brickwork. The bricklaying has been very well executed with special care taken with recess junctions and the brick soffits to recessed windows.
The judge commented “The design and realisation of this house was impressive. The brickwork elements were well proportioned and integrated to dramatic effect”.

Best Housing Design Award

Winner: Darbishire Place

2015-darbishire-thumbnailThe building is simple, direct, without fuss, frivolity or fancy. There are however moments of architectural delight, which become apparent. The window surrounds in a subtly projecting and tapering precast architectural stone trim, bring sensitive and subtle articulation to what would otherwise be a rather banal building. Two zones of stacked corner balconies are designed with a bespoke precast tapering blade column, which accentuate the relationship of the building users to the public realm they face.
This is a fine example of a well-executed residential development firmly rooted within the London Vernacular. It repairs a part of London’s streetscape damaged through World War II, and in that respect, follows a pre-determined role within a wider street grain of similarly sized building blocks of similar rhythm, scale and articulation.

Winner: Trafalgar Place

2015-trafalgar-thumbnailAn exceptional piece of urban design on an intimate scale. Well-proportioned demonstrating expert detailing and beautifully integrated with the landscape. The relationship to the surroundings are both sensitive and seamless with the neighbouring streets and buildings. This scheme creates an oasis amongst a chaotic urban context.
One Judge stated “This scheme stands high above any residential development I have seen in recent years, with an extraordinary quality of detail. The project demonstrates the role that brick can play in making a place distinctive and out of the ordinary”.

Best Urban Regeneration Project

Winner: Laurieston Phase 1

2015-lauriston-thumbnailThis rebuild of the Glaswegian Tenement is an immensely successful example of high quality social housing. Tied to its surroundings and adjoining stone raised railway track the dark blended brick reflects the history of its location. The building provides private external balconies protected by the deep revels giving both light and privacy. It has to be said the adjoining brick blocks are lower quality, this is a shining example on how to regenerate an area. Within the block the landscape central court provides an alternative view.
The building is bold with a strong parapet level providing a picture frame giving a real character to this building. The judge felt that this project had transformed the local area.

Volume House Building Award

Winner: Taylor Wimpey East London


Taylor Wimpey has a range of developments all displaying good quality.
The Quarters is typical Estate designed around Essex Design Guide principles. Providing a range of public and private spaces including secure and protected areas for the Community to use.
The quality of the scheme at City Mills is a relatively dense development and attempts have been made to break down mass and scale.
Praecedo – A range of Architectural styles have been used to reflect the traditional military buildings and those of nearby historic Colchester.

Best Commercial Building

Winner: The Haven Hostel

2015-haven-thumbnailA truly disciplined building which works at all levels. The building is defined by its structure, which is clearly expressed and also provides much of the finishes, beautiful detailing and clarity of design. The medieval street pattern is complex, yet the Hostel finds an appropriate language using a clean modernism to impose order and structure. A solid defensive wall dissolves on approach to display an open structure.Although modest in scale the hostel is a timeless monumental quality with the load bearing brickwork providing a series of fascinating spaces. A unity of outdoor and internal space reflecting the hostels outdoor philosophy for hikers in Irelands National Park.

Best Public & Education Building

Winner: Richmond Adult Community College

2015-richmond-thumbnailAlthough economically built the buildings have a consistent expression of quality through a basic approach to the construction. (Stripped down). Despite the misgivings of the local conservationists the building fits well into its surroundings because it is clean, clear and straightforward. A great example of thoughtful adaptation and an archaeological approach to embedding the old in the new with brick as the leading narrative of the colleges’ history and role in the community.
It is clear that the client was fundamental to the whole process; fully involved and ultimately delighted at the final. A true community facility integrated into the historic fabric.

Winner: The Whitworth, The University of Manchester

2015-whitworth-thumbnailThe Whitworth Gallery is part of the University of Manchester and is sited in a public park, consequently is very much part of both academic and public domains. The planning of the alteration to the Whitworth is rationalising of the original galleries. The public space demonstrates a masterful grasp of proportions, design and scale. The private garden adjoining a busy street is oasis of calm and contemplation. The building is unashamedly modern but because of the use of brick and scale fits into the Manchester architecture seamlessly.
The brickwork is of an extraordinary high standard of workmanship. The texture and colour of the brick have been carefully chosen to harmonise with the Whitworth.

Best Refurbishment Project

Winner: House of Trace

2015-trace-thumbnailIn contrast to the joint winner this equally successful project demonstrates a masterful refurbishment and extension on an existing modest building to create a delight. An interestingly sensitive approach to refurbishment of an end of terrace house which reinvents the type through approach to the new and retained material – on both diagrammatic and detail level.
A highly inventive, bespoke and sensitively approached domestic refurbishment, using the existing building not as a blank canvas but a picture to be expertly restored and pieced together in a new composition.

Winner: Richmond Adult Community Project

2015-richmond-thumbnailA deeply thoughtful, a resourceful approach to working with existing building and the insertion of the new. Carefully and creatively integrated into its surroundings, a complex and constrained site. The refurb enriches the existing campus and points in the direction of future development.
The Judge stated “It was an absolute success in fulfilling the client and users’ needs with lovely quality of brickwork old and new meshed successfully together, existing brick celebrated and exposed in interiors”.
The surgical precision with which the old buildings were cleaned out and the new structure inserted is masterful. A wonderful adaption and refurbishment.

Best Outdoor Space

Winner: The Belvedere – Queen Elizabeth Walled Garden

2015-queen-thumbnailThis project could be considered a winner over several categories, it is absolutely stunning a magnificent achievement. The five acre walled garden was derelict and within a twelve month period the garden has been transformed into one of the most interesting walled gardens in this country.
The external garden wall with its sloping brickwork has been repaired to a very high standard and the Belvedere sits as a crown above the garden. The centre piece of the garden is the brickwork walls and staircases associated with greenhouses giving a heart to the new garden. The project has given local employment to some 80 people and provides access for 5,000 primary pupils in the adjoining kitchen garden.
The fantastic brickwork is complimented by the magnificent flower and plant display all built from inception.

Innovative use of brick and clay products

Winner: City Park West

2015-citypark-thumbnailThis urban development in Chelmsford is a fine example of clay brick used in an innovative manner adjoining the brick rich railway station. The development is holistic in its use of clay both as landscape and as a façade material. This scheme is truly innovative in that it takes a blended modern product and conjunction with the Corium slip system uses the brick in a vertical manner as a contrast with the traditional load bearing bricks which surround it.
The development has taken a risk in using this innovative system and the twin blocks float on the glass podium. The innovation both reduces weight and the linear bricks give a verticality and interest that could not be achieved using traditional brickwork.

Specialist Brickwork Contractor of The Year

Winner: Swift Brickwork Contractors Ltd


The Specialist Brickwork Contractor is judged on the entire company activities including Health and safety, craftsmanship and most importantly training for the next generation.
Turnmill: The quality of the brickwork and detailing is exceptionally high, the selection of the brick makes for a building of real quality. The craftsmanship gives the appearance of real quality supremely confident and simple in its execution.
Urbanest: The quality is high, with a finely selected grey/buff brick, interspersed with grey spandrel panels and shutters.
Imperial College: Consisting of three large blocks of student accommodation with strong identity through simple detailing.

Best Craftsmanship Award

Winner: Jafar Gallery and Jafar Hall, Eton College

2015-jafar-thumbnailCraftsmanship is judged by subcommittee of judges who are particularly qualified in understanding exceptional craftsmanship. The Award is awarded to the team but presented to the lead craftsman on the project. Lee Marley Brickwork for the Jafar Gallery and Jafar Hall, Eton College. An original conception. The building reflects its function of housing, the Egyptian exhibition and an Oratory forum.
The craftsmanship is both hugely demanding and outstanding. It mirrors anything that has been achieved in previous generations. The careful realisation of a demanding design meticulously combines a variety of materials. This is a unique building responding to a unique programme and whilst the design itself is outstanding it is complimented by degree of craftsmanship which the winner has every reason to be extremely proud of.

BDA Chairman’s Award

Winner: Eight Artillery Row

2015-eighth-thumbnailThis is the major refurbishment of a 1960s concrete office block to create 21 flats. With inaccuracies in the basic frame of the building, the brickwork had to be meticulous, and the new brick façade makes a really positive contribution to the street scene. The careful attention to detail has produced a sustainable building, and with many brick specials incorporated in complex elevations it provides an incredibly successful response to a demanding design. This building exemplifies the kind of refurbishment project that we need if we are to regenerate our inner cities areas in a sustainable way and create the kind of environments which people value and where they want to live.

Best International & Worldwide Project

Winner: Turnmill

2015-turnmill-thumbnailThe building relationship to its surroundings is very strong. It sits amongst a context of ornate brick warehouses and directly opposite the old Sessions House. The choice of brick colour echoes the hues of the stone to the old Sessions House. The quality of the brickwork detailing is exceptionally high, this coupled with the selection of the thin linear brick and the slender column design gives a modernistic framework using a traditional material in a uniquely innovative and attractive manner. This building is a testament to a successful and fruitful relationship between designer and developer.
The subtlety of the building and its deceptive simplicity and avoidance of visible movement joints show the depth of thought in the design of this building.

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